Agent Bohl

“We asked Susanne to assist us in finding a vacation home in Tahoe. Without delay she jumped into action and immediately leveraged her professional network at our desired destination reviewing the on and off-market inventory. At all times, Susanne was 100% focused on representing us and our interests and getting us the property we wanted. Her years of industry experience, her planning and use of systems made it possible to locate the ideal property, negotiate the deal, and consummate the investment in our desired timeframe. We are thrilled with the home we found and extremely pleased with the services Susanne provided. She was quick, always responsive, efficient, organized, positive, found alternative solutions, persisted in pursuing what we needed, and supported us during and after the deal. As busy Silicon Valley professionals we cannot appreciate enough her excellent, high-touch service.”
Odysseas T. - September, 2017
“Susanne was a pleasure to work with as my Real Estate Agent. She was attentive to details, quick to respond to questions, and did her best to find exactly what I was looking for in a home. She was a great partner throughout the entire process. She is also fun-loving, humorous person who makes the stressful, house-searching process relaxed and as easy as possible. I will definitely recommend her to friends and family who are looking buy in the Silicon Valley area”
Edward A. - March 11, 2015
“We have been very pleased with Susanne as our Realtor during our recent purchase of a Los Altos Hills home. Working with her in the search and acquisition of the property was a very pleasant experience. Susanne is knowledgeable, professional, patient, well-networked with other agents and related professions, highly organized and proactive. She is also a strong advocate for her clients, always striving for the most suitable outcome. Throughout the process Susanne had been educating us about various aspects of the real estate market as well as the technicalities of a sales transaction. Susanne selectively uses latest technologies as applicable to improve client and 3rd party communications. In summary, Susanne was an ideal partner for us in our search for a new home and we will warmly recommend Susanne to others.”
Sunil B. - October 16, 2013
“I normally compare different options when making a final purchasing decision. When choosing an agent to buy a new house, I thought I would definitely do the same. However, after I sent an email inquiry for a house that was posted online by the Coldwell Banker, that pattern was changed in this particular case. I got a call from Susanne shortly after I sent out the email. We met her that weekend when she took us to tour the house. We were impressed with her knowledge, her amiable personality, and her professional manner. In the next few months, we never looked for another agent as she has been always so pleasant to work with and always so accommodating to our busy schedule when showing us various properties. After searched for a couple of months, she finally helped us to find our dream home and she even helped us to buy the house under the asking price. In this very competitive market, we wouldn't be able to do it without her in-depth understanding of the housing market and her sound judgement of what would be the fair price points for the houses in various locations. If you are looking for an agent who is knowledgeable, dependable, honest, and an advocate for the clients, Susanne is surely the one. I highly recommend her to anyone who will buy a new house or sell existing house.”
Angela W. - March 15, 2014
“We were very lucky to find Susanne. Our transaction had a number of tricky points, including very tight deadlines, discovery of potential deal-breakers and managing the buyer/seller relations, and all three challenges were wonderfully managed by Susanne. We discovered the home--back on the market after a failed deal--just 4 days before offer acceptance closed. We white-knuckled it through our old home sale as the finances cleared within a few hours of the deadline for our offer on the new home--Susanne was the soul of calmness and control, monitoring the final deadline and keeping us informed of risks and mitigating factors so we always felt assured we had the information to make sound decisions. Due to the tight timeline, we were faced with pressing questions about traffic and neighborhood construction, and Susanne recommended practical research which allayed those concerns. Finally, she worked with the seller's Realtor so effectively our last minute bid and financing package was carefully considered--successfully--despite a very competitive market. She is practical, hardworking, empathetic and personable--all the qualities one seeks in a Realtor. We and our two small children are now living happily in our new home!”
William C. - October 29, 2013
“We met Susanne during an open house as we were casually looking at properties in San Jose. When we were ready to sell our home in Gilroy to move closer to San Jose, we didn't have a real estate agent and recalled our conversation with Susanne. We did some reference checking and decided to hire her to lead us through the selling and buying a home. She was a perfect match of our expectations of leading us through the selling of our home (which was successful). We then turned around through a competitive market and she led us through purchasing our current home. We couldn't be happier with the end result. We have recommended Susanne to friends and would hire Susanne again should we ever have the need.”
Staci G. - September 14, 2012
“In Spring 2011 we decided I would take early retirement from my employer in Denver starting in the Fall and and move out to Stanford University. In light of the Peninsula real estate market at that time, we decided that we would purchase a home near Stanford suitable for retirement living and contacted a couple of Bay Area realtors via their website. Susanne Bohl with Coldwell Banker responded very promptly and, after a followup telephone interview, we chose her to assist us. During a handful of visits to the area, Susanne showed us a variety of options currently on the market and we finally opted for a ranch-style property in West Menlo that had just come back onto the market when its sale fell through. Susanne kicked into high gear at this point, diligently walking us through the paperwork, inspections, including a detailed one of her own, and financials required to close the deal. It would have been a nightmare to deal with this long distance ourselves and we are grateful for Susanne's professional assistance and dedication.
Stewart & Diane L.” - September 13, 2012
“Susanne is a great Real Estate agent. She learnt my needs and properties I am looking for and helped to sort out "misses" and focus on the "heats". I would not find the property I bought in the end w/o Susanne. The moment I saw it I knew this is it: my brand new home w/ advanced features, close to work and well placed. It saved me a lot of trouble and money as market had a seasonal heat. If I would be thinking one or two weeks more all properties would be gone and I would regret it deeply. Susanne rightly convinced me that the price is right and the time is now. Thank you Susanne! I like the place a lot!! I recommend Susanne as an expert in Bay Area Real Estate especially in San Jose, Los Altos vicinity.”
Vladimir T. - September 14, 2012
“Susanne helped us find & acquire our home. We are so pleased with her quality of work & depth that over time this acquaintance has easily blossomed to a friendship. Its been a couple of years but Susanne is still my to- go person for inquiries re contractors,re-fis etc. Listens very well & works with only you in mind. I would recommend Susanne highly.”
Aarti A. - November 18, 2013
“We hired Susanne in early 2012 just as the housing market in the Bay Area started getting very competitive. Susanne quickly gathered our requirements and helped us navigate the steep learning curve in figuring out where to look and what kind of house would meet our needs. She happily showed us over a couple dozen houses, many before they even were listed, to give us extra time to decide how to proceed. This was critical in such a competitive market where offers were taken days after the first open house. Susanne presented to us the house we finally bought a week before it was listed, giving us ample time to research and consult with architects/builders. This gave us the confidence to make a strong offer leading to a successful bid on a house in Los Altos walking distance to downtown. We would not have gotten this house without Susanne's perseverance and speed.”
Tal S. - October 4, 2012
“We are very pleased to give our highest recommendation to our Realtor, Susanne Bohl. Her thorough preparation and effective marketing of our Saratoga home resulted in multiple bids and a final offer that exceeded our expected price point. Susanne is knowledgeable about all aspects of buying and selling properties and her technical expertise surpassed our expectations. Selling our home and purchasing another proved to be an arduous activity. While we were busy settling into a new city, home and job, Susanne took care of more than her share of responsibilities for our old house – operating exceptionally at all levels, from managing the preparation, initiating marketing, conducting walk-through’s up until the final sale. We have since relocated again and stayed in close touch with Susanne - who's become a long term advisor and friend. We recommend Susanne highly for her exceptional skills, integrity, personableness and results as a realtor.”
Sanjay & Sheila C. - October 5, 2012
“We used Susanne to sell our previous house and then again to buy our current house. She was helpful in coordinating all of the key activities for both transactions and provided useful guidance along the way. She is very dedicated to her work and takes pride in making sure her customers are happy with the final product.”
Jon M. - October 31, 2012
“Susanne Bohl understood our requirements by showing around a number of properties and put together a thorough plan and executed brilliantly on that. I loved her thoroughness, systematic approach to the challenge of finding homes in Los Altos and extraordinary comfort in using technology to document and interact with us. One remarkable aspect about Susanne is that she is always "on and available". I am certain she is very busy, but she manages to respond to phone calls, emails, and text very promptly even if our question is not directly related to her speciality. Since 2009 when she helped us purchase our home, I have recommended Susanne to a number of friends. When i was looking for office space for my non-profit startup (though not susanne's domain), she helped me navigate through the different options, reviewed contracts and advised me through the process -- all probono. Susanne really cares about her clients and over the past 3 years, susanne has interacted with us as friends offering help on any count rather than just as clients to her real-estate agent service. I highly recommend Susanne Bohl.”
Prasad R. - November 3, 2012
“Susanne did a great job help us find our current home in the bay area. She listens well, understands your needs and delivers. She is very hardworking, clear, straightforward and always on top of things, she is fabulous to work with.”
Rimple Bhatia - November 5, 2012
“Susanne is by far the best Real Estate Agent I have worked with. It was a pleasure working together with her, preparing, marketing, and negotiating my recent home sale. What looked like an impossible task in the beginning was made to look easy due to Susanne's professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend Susanne for your Real Estate dealings.”
Div B. - October 18, 2013

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  • Twenty Things About Me ...

    1. I am also known as "Agent Bohl", like in "Agent Bond”.
    2. Unlike James Bond, I am an agent in the world of real property.
    3. I admire innovation and enjoy living in Silicon Valley for its innovative spirit.
    4. I love the American “can do” attitude.
    5. My home country is Germany.
    6. I appreciate the Autobahn and high-speed trains.
    7. I don’t like Lederhosen and Dirndls.
    8. I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for my US studies.
    9. I hold an MS Information Management from Syracuse University.
    10. I worked at a startup during the aera.
    11. I play violin with the Peninsula Symphony.
    12. My favorite local hike is Rancho San Antonio's PG&E trail.
    13. My favorite dessert is “Oranges en Surprise” from the last Dinner on the Titanic.
    14. I was thrilled to discover the “swimming fish” lighting display on the new San Francisco Bay Bridge.
    15. I ride around in a BMW i3 electric, and yes, I know, it's not the typical realtor sedan!
    16. Real Estate became my new career in 2004.
    17. I have since helped many home buyers relocate and settle in Silicon Valley.
    18. Before real estate I worked in consulting positions at multi-national firms in Germany and the US.
    19. I am most excited about the new people I meet and the ongoing learning through my work as Realtor.
    20. Unlike James Bond, I am not a “secret" agent.

    What I will do for you ...

    1. Remove any "secret" from your real estate transaction and enable you to make your most informed and best decisions. 
    2. Negotiate only for you and with your best interest in mind at all times.
    3. Support buyers in all aspects of researching and evaluating properties of interest.
    4. Guide the preparation of your home for sale and aggressively market to obtain you the best possible price and terms.
    5. Draw upon my trusted network of professionals such as lenders, attorneys, tax specialists, accountants, builders, trades people, designers, and others to support your service needs before, during, and after you buy or sell.
    6. Be your real estate resource long after your transaction closes, and as long as you need me.